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Are you a supplier?

Are you a supplier of goods or services looking for an easy way to generate a large volume of orders? Maybe you have a surplus of stock you need to move quickly or some sales targets to hit? Connect to our growing user base of buyers looking for deals. This isn’t just one-off, many are groups looking to establish ongoing trading relationships.

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Are you a buyer?

Are you an individual or independent business looking to get a better deal? Aggregate your buying power with others, including contacts in your own network, who share your needs easily by joining a BuyCo. Can’t find one that meets you and your communities needs? No problem, build your own from scratch on terms that work for you.

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Join the collaborative buying revolution

Join or Create

If you don’t already have one create an Uphold wallet. Go to their Appstore and install the app. You can then search by category & region to see if there is a buyco for what you are looking for. If not create your own and invite your network to join you in saving some money.

Accept Terms & Deposit

Every buyco will have set terms for minimum-order quantities, maximum price, delivery / fulfilment time-frame and payment terms. Read them carefully before you accept. You will be asked to make a 5% commitment fee to the buyco to let suppliers know you are serious.

Auction & Vote

Suppliers then bid against the terms and buyco members vote on who they think has the best offer and reputation. Based on the pre-agreed payment terms money is part or fully released to the supplier either on acceptance or delivery / fulfilment of services.